Tuesday 10 June 2014

Alive & V-Dubbin 2014

We arrived at Jimmy's farm in Ipswich at about 5:30 pm on the Friday and the site was already rammed with dubbers setting up camp for the weekend, we were supposed to be saving a plot or two for friends when we got there but that wasn't going to happen. We bagged a corner plot for ourselves and managed to squeeze Kieron on at the end when he arrived later that evening, had a few beers and went to bed looking forward to the show the next day. 
At around 6:30 am Saturday morning we awoke to the sound of hammering rain, flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder, the kids got down from their bed in the poptop and jumped into bed with me and Mrs Volks, the storm was right over head and I was thinking that's the end of this weekend but by 11:30 the sun came out and we had one of the hottest days we have had all year.
With more people arriving on the Saturday the show was very busy and the show and shine was full up with nice Volkswagens, air and water cooled, and busy with crowds appreciating the cool cars in the hot sunshine.
We had a great time at Alive & V-Dubbin, with plenty of traders, live music, food and a beer tent to keep the adults amused its also great for the kids too, aswell as face painting, rock climbing, spray painting you also get a discounted entry into Jimmy's farm so the little 'uns can feed the animals!

See more pictures of this event on my flickr photostream